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"The Bowdoin Group has always been professional and friendly. They work with top-notch businesses and offer a wide variety of roles within an impressive array of industries"

"They established a strong understanding of my goals, history, and people in my network through many relevant conversations about positions and referrals."

"Bowdoin was always looking out for my best interest and placing me in the best position possible... In past experiences with recruiting agencies, they are just looking for the bottom-line and finding any job for the person looking and oftentimes don't look for a mutual fit... (my recruiter) still keeps in contact and as a result I would go back to the Bowdoin Group again."

"The individuals I dealt with were very informative,
proactive, responsive, and just overall
extremely pleasant to work with."

"I trust my contacts at Bowdoin to have a general interest in my career goals, not just to throw anything that crosses their desks at me. They are great communicators and act as a true advocate for me in discussions with their client."

"Throughout my entire process of working with Bowdoin, I have been very impressed... I have worked with very many agencies in my tenure, and Bowdoin is by far the best experience I have ever had. When possible, I will recommend your agency to whomever asks..."

The jobs listed below are a sample of our current technology roles. To discuss additional opportunities, please contact us.

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